The Owl and the Pussycat – September 2023

Sat 23 September 2023 - Sun 22 October 2023 at The Sydenham Centre
Show(s) at 3pm & 4.30pm (no performance Sat 7 October)
Show lasts approximately 45 minutes, suitable for all ages.

Tickets: Standard price £10 adults, £5 children aged 3+
Pay a little more £12 adults, £6 children aged 3+
Pay a little less £8 adults, £4 children aged 3+
Under 3s FREE as usual

About the Show

“The Owl and the Pussycat went to sea,
In a beautiful pea-green boat…”

Think you know the story of the Owl and the Pussycat? Then think again! For in a Spontaneous Productions show anything can happen. Weaving together several of Edward Lear’s best known nonsense poems, expect the unexpected as we take you on a journey into the weird and wonderful land of the Chankly Bore…

How exactly did the Owl and the Pussycat fall in love? Just why did the Jumblies go to sea in a sieve? And how on earth did the Pong get his Luminous Nose?

Photos by Mark Drinkwater

With original songs by Yumi Mashiki and Paul Tornbohm, selected poems by Edward Lear, fantastic dance routines and comedy chases choreographed by Marlon-Oliver Harris, fabulous costumes by Jackie Poulett, spectacular props and scenery design by Annika Francis plus lots of special effects, this will be our most magical show yet.

For our 26th original family theatre show since 2017, we’re delighted to bring back some familiar faces for this show: MARLON-OLIVER HARRIS (last seen as the Hare in Aesop’s Fables) as The Owl and HARRY SIMKINS (Prince John in Robin Hood) as the mysterious Pong with the Luminous Nose. Joining the cast as the Pussycat is actor and singer DESIRÉE SKYLARK. Last but not least we’re thrilled that our associate producer HJALMAR NORDÉN will be making a very special guest appearance as the narrator, the Voice of Edward Lear.

The Cast

DESIRÉE SKYLARK as the Pussycat
HARRY SIMKINS as The Pong with the Luminous Nose
and featuring the voice of HJALMAR NORDÉN as Edward Lear

The Audience Reviews

What audiences have said about the show so far:

  • “Great for children, lovely”
  • “Brilliant”
  • “Excellent”
  • “Best one yet”
  • “Creative and imaginative”
  • “UV lighting FX and interaction with crowd was great”
  • “Fantastic fun”
  • Comments from children: “The pussycat was nice” “I really liked the sparkly UV effects” “I liked the giant nose and jumblies” “I really liked it – my first show” “I liked all of it. The piggy was great & the man with the crazy nose”

The Credits

  • Produced and directed by JONATHAN KAUFMAN
  • Original songs and music by YUMI MASHIKI and PAUL TORNBOHM (adapted by poems by EDWARD LEAR)
  • Choreographer MARLON-OLIVER HARRIS
  • Costume designer & associate producer JACKIE POULETT
  • Scenic designer and props made by ANNIKA FRANCIS
  • Graphic designer JAN WARREN, Photographer MARK DRINKWATER

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