Eleanor and Friends – April 2018

About The Show

Eleanor & Friends – a talk by Dr Rachel Holmes and others. This is an educational evening about one of Sydenham’s most fascinating former residents. Some of Eleanor Marx’s greatest friends and admirers will gather to celebrate the life — and mark the 120th anniversary of the death — of this remarkable woman.

Talks by Eleanor’s award-winning biographer Dr. Rachel Holmes, award-nominated activist, dance and political theorist Dr. Dana Mills and local historian Steve Grindlay will be accompanied by the poems of Tara Bergin, from her shortlisted collection The Tragic Death of Eleanor Marx. Alongside the speakers, there will be live music courtesy of Deborah Garvey, and an extract from Spontaneous Productions’ upcoming play Eleanor Marx: The Jewess of Jews Walk by Lucy Kaufman, which will enjoy a four-week run Upstairs at the Sydenham Centre from Wednesday 18 April.

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Photo credits: Mark Drinkwater @SydenhamPhotos

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