Frighteners 2022 – Museum of Monsters – October 2022

Sat 29 October 2022 at The Sydenham Centre
Show(s) at 4-6pm (Families); 7-9pm (Adults). See below for details
Show lasts approximately 25 minutes, suitable for all ages, parental guidance advised.

Tickets: pay what you can on the door (cash or card donations both accepted). Suggested minimum donation £5 per person

Spontaneous Productions, in association with Kirkdale Bookshop, presented:

About the Show

An immersive HALLOWEEN experience for all ages.

Dare you enter Sydenham’s historical Museum of Monsters? Founded by the irascible Ovaltine-merchant Sir Henry Hornbeam in 1881, it has preserved relics and mysteries from as far afield as the Hindu Kush, Outer Mongolia and Penge. Explore each room and marvel at ‘living’ exhibits from Transylvania, Dr Frankenstein’s laboratory in Geneva, an unopened tomb in the Nile Valley and a preserved werewolf’s lair from the Black Forest. Look out for the zombie tour guides – and as to the screeching ghost lady in white which supposedly haunts the museum’s corridors, surely that’s just an urban legend…?

This is a ‘walk through’ installation, with professional performers in character as exhibits and tour guides, creating an immersive ‘Museum of Monsters’ experience. Entry is at the visitors’ own risk – an early escape via the Fire Exit is optional!


Note for families: we advise that this immersive experience is unsuitable for very sensitive children, and those with a fear of the dark. The show is designed to be entertaining with an emphasis on comic horror. If the experience proves too overwhelming, you are very welcome to leave at any time, just ask a steward (volunteers in yellow t-shirts) to show you the way out.

Family friendly version*:

  • Entry between 4-6pm
  • Groups of 10-20 people enter every 5 mins
  • Last entry 5.40pm
  • Tour lasts approx 20-30 mins
  • Meet the monsters in the museum and find clues to solve a puzzle to win a small prize!

(*suitable for all ages, parental guidance advised)

Adult-oriented version☨:

  • Entry between 7-9pm
  • Groups of 15+ people enter every 5 mins
  • Last entry 8.40pm
  • Tour lasts approx 20-30 mins

(☨suitable for adults and older children, parental guidance advised)

The Credits

  • Scenario and script: Jonathan Kaufman and Jane Walker
  • Costume design and associate producer Jackie Poulett
  • Original music by Julian Kaufman
  • Video & photography by Mark Drinkwater
  • Video editing & sound editing by Hjalmar Nordén
  • Stage managers Grace Bowmer, Jane Walker, Jackie Poulett, Hjalmar Nordén
  • Produced and directed by Jonathan Kaufman

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The Cast

Cast includes: Kate Barry, Oliver Byng, William Hastings, Angus Hepburn, Megan Madaleine, Chioma Nwalioba and Jodyanne Richardson.

The Audience Reviews

What audiences have said about previous Frighteners productions:

  • “Loved every minute. Thank you and your fabulous team.”
  • “Exceptionally good show”
  • “Scary!”
  • “Well put together, well-written, acted fantastically, wonderfully directed.”

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