Anansi the Spider: Jamaican Superhero! – March 2019

Sat 16 March 2019 - Sun 14 April 2019 at The Sydenham Centre
Show(s) at Sat/Sun 2pm & 4pm
Show lasts approximately 1 hour, suitable for families with children aged 3-10.

Tickets: £12 adults, £6 children (£5 for groups of 5+ children)

About the Show


“Yo wha’ gwan? Mi name Anansi di Spider an’ dem say mi am di TRICKSIEST critcher in di whole o’ Jamaica! Come see me an’ mi friend-em as wi a-go do t’ree tasks to see which o’ us be di BEST critcher! Oh – an’ watch out fi di pest-controller! Him a-go zap yuh wid him poison if yuh nuh c’ya-a-areful!”

This is the 8th original theatre show for families Upstairs at the Sydenham Centre since 2017. From the same team that brought you The Little Mermaid and Other ‘Tails’, The Three Little Pigs Go West and the free panto Cinderella at Christmas, we’ve added the writing and performance skills of Blue Mountain Theatre Company’s Lavern Archer – previously seen as Miss Prism in Spontaneous Productions’ The Importance of Being Earnest in 2011. With direction and choreography by Spontaneous regular Hjalmar Nordén and original songs by Paul Tornbohm expect a fun-packed, thrilling story of adventure, rivalry and friendship.

The Credits

By Lavern Archer and Jonathan Kaufman
Original songs and music – Paul Tornbohm
Director and choreographer – Hjalmar Nordén
Production and costume designer – Sally Hardcastle
Video effects and animation – Joe Kaufman of Red Kite Films
Produced by Jonathan Kaufman

The Audience Reviews

What audiences have said about our previous shows:

  • “I think 3 Little Pigs was best yet! The music was terrific, and the dancing. I love these productions”
  • “Thanks, we loved it, as always! So lucky to have this so close to home.”
  • “Excellent! So much fun for kids and adults. Thank you. Keep up the good work”
  • “Fabulous script and musical score – loved it!”

The Cast

JIMAND ALLOTEY as Anansi the Spider
LAURA LAKE ADEBISI as Aso the Butterfly
PAUL-D STEPHENSON as Tukkuma the Dragonfly
Very special appearance on video by LAVERN ARCHER as “Naana Nature”

The Sponsors

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Photo credits: Veronica Taylor