Eleanor Marx: The Jewess of Jews Walk – April 2018

The Show

An original drama by Lucy Kaufman
Produced and directed by Jonathan Kaufman

Telling the true story of an inspirational woman and her tragic final days

“Lucy Kaufman’s superb play puts Eleanor Marx centre stage where she belongs” Rachel Holmes, Eleanor Marx’s biographer

When Eleanor Marx moved to 7 Jews Walk, Sydenham, in 1895, she believed she would be happy there. To Eleanor — a self-styled ‘Jewess’ — even the name of the road seemed a good omen. Her hopes could not be further from reality. Within months, Karl Marx’s youngest daughter was suffering at the hands of her common-law husband Edward Aveling, with shocking consequences. To this day, the dramatic events that unfolded at 7 Jews Walk are shrouded in mystery and doubt…

Now Sydenham’s very own theatre company Spontaneous Productions is bringing this true story to life Upstairs at the Sydenham Centre, just around the corner from where Eleanor Marx and Edward Aveling lived out their final few years. Lucy Kaufman’s powerful new drama celebrates this remarkable woman — political activist, translator, early feminist and often neglected figure of historical importance — whilst tackling themes of love, loyalty, identity, betrayal, domestic abuse and the role of women in society.

The Credits

Writer — Lucy Kaufman
Producer and director — Jonathan Kaufman
Stage manager — Kirsten Moore
Production design — Abby & Alice
Costume design — Alexandra Mcarthur
Original music — Deborah Garvey
Project consultant — Rachel Holmes
Marketing and publicity — Emma Mallinder
Photography — Mark Drinkwater
Graphic design — Julie Bennett

Plus: Eleanor & Friends

A talk by Eleanor’s biographer Rachel Holmes and others
Fri 6 April, 8pm
Upstairs at the Sydenham Centre
For details see spontaneousproductions.co.uk/eleanor-and-friends

The Sponsors

The Cast

Sarah Whitehouse as Eleanor “Tussy” Marx
David Sayers as Edward Aveling
Kirsten Moore as Gerty Gentry
Simeon Oakes as Freddy Demuth
Robert Maskell as Dr Shackleton

The Gallery

Photo credits: Mark Drinkwater