Bouncers – October 2013

Audience comments

Great show. It’s a strong piece with some witty snippets and a show you should be proud of. I think it will do very well in bigger venues and festivals.
Farhan Khan (by email)

We thought the standard of the acting was very good. Interesting that the relevance of the play is the same now as when it was written. Do hope the venue takes off.
Carole Ward (by email)

Thanks so much for putting on such a fun production, I really enjoyed it. It’s brilliant that this lovely old building is being put to such fabulous use. I look forward to the next production.
Nicola Roberts (by email)

I came to see ‘Bouncers’ on Friday night at the Zanzibar with a small group of friends…and without exception we had a ball! It was a great production and the cast were brilliant. Thank you. We hope to come and see more from Spontaneous Productions in the future.
Maggie Dodgson (by email)

Brilliant show, I loved it!
Elishea Nicholson (facebook)

Had a great evening, thankyou
Jami Tomlinson (facebook)

Very funny and professionally performed. Highly recommended. Get down to Zanzibar and support our/your local theatre company
Pat Trembath (Sydenham Town Forum)

Fantastic actors and fabulous play; the hilarity of the plot never quite blinds you to the crushing sadness underlying some of the various overlapping scenes. Wonderful.
Maria Shaftoe (Sydenham Town Forum)

Definitely well worth going. Apart from being great fun I’d forgotten how tragic and bleak it was . I had to keep reminding myself it is the same four actors playing all of the roles . It must be bloody exhausting . Another I Love Sydenham moment without doubt , in short … A very good evening
Nigel Austen (Sydenham Town Forum)

I found the performance most enjoyable and professional. The individual actors were of a standard that I have in the past experienced in the West End. I would welcome more productions at Zanzibar.
Cllr Peggy Fitzsimmons (by email)

Wonderful show, wonderfully done….Brilliant cast , direction and choreography…Pacy all the way…The venue itself, however, could be a wee bit more inviting. The potential is there and if shows of the same quality as ‘Bouncers’ are on offer then it won’t take long to attract some serious interest…Viva Sydenham!
Ben McCrea (by email)

It was very enjoyable and well-acted. Eric was especially versatile and at times unnervingly credible in the many roles required of him.
John Clark (by email)