About Us

We are a Sydenham-based, not-for-profit creative organisation passionate about producing the highest quality professional theatre, events and workshops at affordable prices.

Our artistic vision is to provide an exciting, ambitious and innovative programme of year-round activities in the heart of Sydenham’s diverse community.

Whether it’s cutting-edge new writing, a revival of an old classic, an urban poetry slam, a high-profile author event or an original children’s show, our aim is to always exceed expectations and offer something for everyone.

Spontaneous Productions is an equal opportunities employer, absolutely committed to inclusivity, nurturing emerging talent, developing new audiences and inspiring future generations.

Since Spring 2017, we have been staging a regular programme of events and activities at the Lewisham Council-owned Sydenham Centre Upstairs, a multi-purpose space which we will be sharing with other local community groups.

Since its inception in 2007, and under lead creative Jonathan Kaufman’s direction, the company has been creating wonderful and memorable theatre in the Sydenham area and beyond for audiences of all ages. We are delighted to welcome you to this new era for the organisation and hope you will enjoy the journey as much as us.