Volunteer with us!

As a not-for-profit, professional community theatre, we rely on volunteers to help us to stage our events throughout the year. The benefits of volunteering are many and varied, and all of them go towards enhancing the lives of individuals and the community. Here are just six of them:

  • You give something back to an organisation that makes a positive impact on the local community
  • You become a valued member of a team
  • It’s also a route to employment, through gaining new skills, knowledge and experience – or developing existing abilities and knowledge
  • It’s a way to enhance your CV and improve employment prospects
  • It helps you to use your professional skills and knowledge to benefit others
  • It’s tons of fun!

Photos by Mark Drinkwater

Below are the roles* we need volunteers for, and what you can expect to be doing with us. Since the beginning of the pandemic, we have of course changed our practices to be in line with safety procedures.

(*Please note these roles relate to the outdoor productions in Mayow Park’s bowling green which are planning for Summer 2021, between May-August. Later in the year we’ll release details of how to volunteer for our theatre performances indoors at the Sydenham Centre.)


Our volunteer stewards are on hand before, during and after performances to help guide audience members to their seats, ensure they are correctly distanced and escort them to the public toilets if necessary. They are present throughout the performances, keeping an eye out in case an audience member needs help, and they assist in clearing up afterwards. The stewards’ call time is generally 12:30pm, for a briefing no later than 1pm, when they are allocated their roles for the day. Stewards usually finish at 4.30pm, depending on the show’s running time.

Box office staff

1pm-3.15pm (to cover two shows)
Box office volunteers work at a table at the entrance to the Bowling Green. They check ticket holders on a daily sheet as they come in and sell day tickets, as well as handing out flyers and any other information the public asks for. As soon as the performance has started and any latecomers have been checked in, they are responsible for returning all cash/card receipts, plus card reader and documents to a secure location, after which time they are free to go, or to continue as stewards. There is always a security guard present at the box office, and stewards to help if there is a long queue for tickets, which is very often the case! Box office volunteers are needed from 1:15pm at the latest, and stay till around 3:15pm, for latecomers, unless they are staying as stewards or watching the performance. On days with multiple performances, two box office shifts may be possible, but we will most likely require staff to stay for the second performance.

Backstage Crew

Our volunteers who work as stage hands have plenty to do! They assist in setting up the performance space, including the installation of gazebos, sound system and any scenery; before and during performances they may assist the stage manager with moving scenery, props and sometimes helping the actors with costume changes. All this has to be done following strict Covid safety guidelines, with surfaces, props and other items regularly sanitised and kept separate throughout the sessions. Because there is a lot of fetching and carrying to do, these volunteers must be physically able. Their call times are usually from 12:30pm to at least 4.30pm, where they will assist with the clear up.
In each case, all volunteers will need to report on arrival to our Volunteers Coordinator, who will have already contacted you to confirm which day(s) and time(s) you are available to help.

A note on Technical and Dress Rehearsals

We always have technical and dress rehearsals which are the last ones before the performances, called of course, ‘tech’ and ‘dress’ days. It would be tremendously helpful if some volunteers are able to attend some of these, so that they can see how the shows work and what needs to be done.

Upcoming Dates

These are the dates for tech and dress rehearsals and for performances this summer season:

The Gingerbread Man
Tech days: Wednesday 26 and Thursday 27 May, dress: Friday 28 May. These usually start at around 12 midday and go on till around 5pm
16 Performances: Sat 29 May – Mon 1 June, then Thu 3 – Sun 6 June*. Performances at 2pm and 3pm on these dates, shows last approx 40 mins, with approx 20 mins ‘turnaround’ time between shows. (*pls note there is no performance on Wed 2 June.)

Animal Farm
Tech days: Wednesday 23 and Thursday 24 June, dress: Friday 25 June
6 performances: 26 and 27 June, 3 and 4 June, 10 and 11 July. One performance each day at 2pm. Show lasts approx 90 mins with no interval

Around the World in 80 Days
Tech days: 28 and 29 July, dress 30 July
8 Performances only: Sat 31 July – Tue 3 August, then Thu 5 to Sun 8 August. Shows start at 2pm and last approximately 90 mins with no interval

All our volunteers get a lovely yellow t-shirt (black is optional for backstage crew/box office staff) and free entry into all the shows.

Important notes

We never expect anyone to sign up to every single rehearsal and performance, but if you want to do that we won’t object! As many or as few as you can manage will be very gratefully accepted, and if you want to bring along your friends and family, we always say the more the merrier. As long as our volunteers show up on the days they have committed to, we’ll be happy, and we want you to be happy too.

Apologies but we cannot accept volunteers under the age of 16 unless they are accompanied by an adult throughout their session/s with us. All PPE and sanitising equipment necessary will be provided.

Contact Us

To volunteer for our upcoming performance of The Gingerbread Man, please email volcoordinator@spontaneousproductions.co.uk.

For more general volunteering questions please email volunteers@spontaneousproductions.co.uk.