Watch the video of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland – July 2019

Fri 26 July 2019 - Sun 4 August 2019 at The Bowling Green, Mayow Park
Show(s) at 2pm
Show lasts approximately 90 minutes, suitable for all ages.

Tickets: £10 adults, £5 children aged 3+ (under 3’s go free)


About the Show

This magical version of Lewis Carroll’s classic tale was brought to life by Spontaneous Productions Theatre Company in July 2019 in Mayow Park, Sydenham. An immersive, promenade (‘walkabout’) performance that transported the audience from an English riverbank, to the curious underground world of Wonderland, come meet the incredible characters famous throughout literature!

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland from Christopher Hauke on Vimeo.

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Photo credits: Mark Drinkwater and Hjalmar Nordén

The Credits

Adapted by Jonathan Kaufman from the book by Lewis Carroll

– Original songs and music by Deborah Garvey
– Produced and directed by Jonathan Kaufman
– Choreography Helen Jeckells and Hjalmar Nordén
– Set construction & special FX by Joe Kaufman

The Audience Reviews

What audiences said about the show:

  • “Very clever”
  • “Highly entertaining”
  • “Incredible”
  • “Fantastic”
  • “Wonderful”
  • “We have just got home after experiencing your wonderful “Alice in Wonderland” show in Mayow Park. A fantastic experience. Well done to all and we cannot wait to see Pinocchio in September!” (Erica Harris, by email)
  • “What a fantastic show @SponProdsTC we loved it! Great story adaptation and such a creative way to use the park. Everyone was brilliant. An absolute must see.” (Sarah Putt, on twitter)
  • “We had a lovely time at Alice in Wonderland today, thank you!” (Jane Toussaint, FB Fri 2/8/19)
  • “Congratulations Spontaneous Productions on a splendid show.” (Katrina Rublowsky, FB Fri 2/8/19)
  • “Brilliant, so inventive”
  • “Loved how immersive the show was”
  • “So lucky to have this nearby!”
  • “Is this going to be a regular thing?”
  • “If you’re wondering what do tomorrow with the family I highly recommend Alice in Wonderland at Mayow Park. 2pm start in the bowling green. You can buy tickets online or at the park. Nearly 300 people today went and there was plenty of laughter and fun.” (Dominique Stead, FB Sat 3/8/19)
  • “Fantastic afternoon for families. Last day tomorrow so please don’t miss out. I hope this becomes a permanent feature in the park.” (Dominique Stead, FB Sat 3/8/19)
  • “Just want to recommend Alice in Wonderland in Mayow Park that I went to on Friday with my children. I think the best one they have done yet. Setting was lovely, cast fantastic and was very immersive.” (Kate Izzard, FB Sat 3/8/19)

The Cast

Cast Interviews

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