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Workshops Overview


ScriptHub Beginners – fortnightly Tue 10 Sept 2019 – Tue 10 Dec 2019. This brand new course will cover all the basics of scriptwriting, including storytelling, creating characters, dialogue, dramatic structure, script formatting. New members are very welcome, and no prior experience is necessary.

ScriptHub Intermediate – fortnightly Tue 3 Sept – Tue 3 Dec. The Intermediate group is mainly formed of returning students who have already completed 2-3 terms of the Beginner scriptwriting course. This term the course will provide a forum for writers to share work in progress, and there will be opportunities to see their work staged by professional theatre company Spontaneous Productions.

Junior WriteClub – Sat 7 Sept 2019 for two terms of six sessions (half-term between Sat 19 & Sat 26 Oct, resuming Sat 2 Nov and finishing on Sat 7 Dec.) New tutor Caitlin Hawkins will be running the course from September. A graduate of Goldsmiths College, she recently completed her MA in Children’s Literature, and is currently writing a book about dragons.