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Just a few examples of what the critics and audience members have said over the years:

“Brilliant” (Time Out)

“What an unexpected delight!…One word sums it up really… AWESOME!” (Remote Goat)

“Energetic, fast-paced and tremendous fun, Spontaneous Productions’ latest effort is hugely entertaining” (South London Press)

“A very welcome brand of community theatre.” (News Shopper)

“A compelling example of innovative fringe theatre” (review by Vincent Manning)

“The show was magical and brilliantly done” (South London Press)

“This brilliant production shouldn’t be playing in the garden of a pub in Sydenham, but at the National or at the West End. Each performance would be sold out and all these young actors would be famous” (review by author Stephen Vizinczey)

“It’s not often that you see a piece of theatre that makes you laugh and brings you close to tears at the same time, but Jonathan Kaufman’s drama succeeds in doing both…This is a very enjoyable play that deserves to be seen by a much wider audience.” (The Stage)

“Spontaneous Productions’ show was a real joy for any Roald Dahl fan.” (South London Press)

“There is no doubting the professionalism and talent of this local company” (News Shopper)

Audience comments

“We absolutely loved it! Thank you so much. Really fun and inspiring. Intimate and funny” (Sarah Flynn)

“A terrific play” (Joy Haney)

“It’s brilliant. It makes fantastic use of the space, the acting, especially from the lead actors is fantastic. Go and see it. It deserves every accolade. We are so lucky to have productions of this quality right on our doorstep. I’d happily have seen it in the West End” (Lee Newham)

“Fantastic Midsummer Night’s Dream. We’re still talking about it. I think it is the best I’ve ever seen a Shakespeare comedy done. [It] made great sense of the text, it was visual, dynamic, sharp and uplifting” (Jane Wiley)

“I was very impressed by the whole thing, it was gripping and poignant, and brought history alive.” (Suzy Gettrup)

“This was an exceptional piece of theatre, the writing, music and choreography were astonishingly good” (Sue and Steve Grindlay)