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Frighteners – November 2017

in association with KIRKDALE BOOKSHOP presents


Short, shocking plays of psychological horror by


Show lasts approx 2 hrs including interval

Photo credits: Philip Pound

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Kindred Spirits by Lucy Kaufman

Lilian is desperate to connect with her dearly departed. Perhaps a séance with a renowned medium will bring some relief. After all, with her cousin Christian and the trusted Dr. Glass by her side, what could possibly go wrong?

Thrill-seekers by Julian Kaufman

Friends Steve and Josh have some tidying up to do. But first they’ll need to buy an axe, a hacksaw and two aprons… How on earth have they come to this point?

Razor Blade Heart by Sandra Egbon

Maggie May’s done something bad. Real bad. Luckily she’s got old friends Edward and Raven on hand to help her out of trouble — yet again. But is Maggie — the girl with a ‘razor-blade heart’ — quite what she seems?

Last Seen by Janet Cost-Chretien

With her elderly mother in a home and now a missing dog, Bernadette’s life is fast spiralling out of control. Can her digital therapist help her uncover the source of her unhappiness?

The Frighteners by Jonathan Kaufman

Wendy’s little brothers just want to play Russian Roulette; her boyfriend Peter wants to take her flying after dark. With a video nasty in the VCR and a gun in the house, someone’s bound to get hurt.


CAST: Annie Aldington, Tom Franck, Hjalmar Nordén, Angela Shaftoe

Producer and director JONATHAN KAUFMAN
Script consultant LUCY KAUFMAN
Production and costume designer ALEX MCARTHUR
Lighting and sound designer JOE KAUFMAN of Red Kite Films
Producer’s assistant JANET COST-CHRETIEN