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The show must go on!

Jonathan Kaufman 28 May 2019

Serena Joseph

Replacing actors at short notice…always a big headache. Yesterday’s bank holiday brought the unwelcome news that an actor had to pull out of our SAFE theatre project.

Cue frantic calling around other actors who might be available. And luckily – perhaps the theatre gods were smiling benevolently on me that day? – a brilliant, local actor called Serena Joseph came up trumps! Able to step into the show straightaway, we were back again to a full-strength cast. Phew!

The old adage – the show must go on – has never been truer, and it’s another reminder how the magic of theatre seems always to pull things together at the last minute. But there’s nothing like an eleventh-hour adrenalin rush to keep a producer/director on his toes!