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A room with a review…

Jonathan Kaufman 25 May 2019

To read reviews, or not read reviews? That is the question! I know of many well-known actors, producers and directors who simply choose NOT to read reviews.

I have to confess, I always seek out each and every review of my shows, to see what people think – and without fail, it’s the negative comments that leap out! It doesn’t matter how many lovely reviews one receives (and over the years I’ve had many, see reviews and audience comments for my Mata Hari show here) it’s the snide, snarky and just plain mean comments that you’ll take to your grave. It’s why you should never read reviews. Or alternatively, have your staff read them for you, and then only show you the nice ones!

Still, good reviews sell tickets, as everyone knows, so we go on diligently inviting the critics to see what we have created. And the critics will continue to … criticise. It goes with the job description. Mind you, who’d be a critic? Disappointed artists who get pleasure from destroying other people’s self-esteem? No, keep the reviews coming! We can take it. Can’t we?